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was electric. catholics at our lady of guadeloupe parish in san jose, could not contain their excitement. >> i'm very happy. i'm happy that one it's the first jesuit pope. secondly, it's from latin america. it can identify with some of the life we all live here. with latinos in our community. >> for the first time in the church's history, a pope from argentina. 42% of the world's catholic population lives in south america. many the hispanic community in san jose, say they already feel the connection, one based on language and culture. >> more importantly, that he does know our language and he identifies with us is a huge plus for us. >> students at the jesuit santa clara university erupted with joy when they heard pope francis had been elected. >> i think he's doing quite well to find his humility and sfs, i don't think papacy is going to change that. >> some feel pope francis will help bring back people to the catholic church. >> come back to the church to find out that we have somebody who we can actually have something in common with by either language, their culture. even if he is from sou
is live in san jose where catholics attended a joyous service in honor of pope francis this evening. >> reporter: it is quiet right now, it is symbolic of a changing catholic church. the bells were ringing and people were singing here at the san jose church to celebrate the first latin american pope. it is something they have waited 20 centuries for. >> i think that this particular pope would have deeper sympathies and understanding of what it it is to be a child of an immigrant and hopefully our own children of immigrants can relate. >> the 1.2 billion catholics are from latin america. the faithful cried and prayed across argentina for the new pope francis who they knew as jorge, bergoglio, the archbishop of buenos aires. >> i spoke to my relatives and they are emotional and happy and pleased. they say he is a very, very inteligent man. he is not easy to manage. he is a person of principal. >> members of the argentine club of san jose toasted their new pope. >> i have a wait and see attitude toward this pope because he has a reputation for being an ultra conservative. an ultra cons
at 8:45 for the public memorial in san jose. as you can see the sheriff deputies are gathering here and the motorcade is expected to be more than a mile long. a tribute to detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and elizabeth butler killed in the line of duty on february 26 by an armed suspect. the officers' flagged drape cassettes were part of a public viewing with hundreds of mourners coming to pay their respects and the officers who protected and served their community for years. >> our first time the local officers have been killed. it is tell. >> i am here to pay respects and it is good thing that people will come down here and support the local police officers. >> public viewing sites are here to view the memorial. kaiser permanente will open at 10:00 a.m. showing the service rise and parking at depot park will be freed. santa cruz fire departments will be staging their hook-and-ladder trucks along all overpasses between santa cruz and san jose. mostly on highway 17 and on highway 85. it should be a moving sight. >> cornell, thank you. the memorial service will be hell at h.p.
francisco including tonight and one in hayward, union city and san jose. the shooting in the south bay brought people back to make sure it is a high speed chase with cops over the weekend. police say they had no choice but to shoot ronnie who they say was armed and dangerous. the family and friends question that. lisa amin gulezian has more from san jose. jay they quietly -- >> they quietly stood with candles, signs and their memory. >> he is loyal to his friend. >> he was shot and killed by san jose police on saturday. >> you can hear the barrage of gunshots as they fired at the 27-year-old in this cell phone video. they first noticed him in west san jose jie. he was in the area doing routine patrols and he was looking suspicious. but the officer decided not to follow him or stop him. he circled back toward the officer. >> then police say he took off on highway 85. by then several officers were chasing him. >> he pointed a hand gun at several pursuing officers multiple times. >> and so when his car finally stopped here in front of his friend's house, police say they ordered him to sto
in the raids. >>> new this morning, san jose has seen a spike in crimes like burglaries and car thefts. "mercury news" looked at crime stats. 28,000 property crimes were reported in 2012 and that is nearly 30% increase over 2011 and the highest figure since 1995. it is generally a reflection of statewide trends for more property crimes. san jose ranks fifth among biggest large cities. >>> berkeley restaurant owner is hoping to be back in business after spending the night making repairs at chez panisse. an electrical fire was racing through the ground floor. john alston shows understanding the main upstairs dining room is still intact. >> reporter: instead of dleigtd the friday night dinner crowd. they were boarding up windows and among the disappointed was jamie drake that was planning to have a birthday dinner here. >> the reservations are tough to get. yeah, what better place to go to chez panisse for your birthday. that was the plan. we are lucky we live down the street. we will come back. >> reporter: the fire started just after 3:00 in the morning. the apparent cause was a faulty
to surf the web in downtown san jose you can do it super fast, the mayor helped to launch the new service yesterday. the city is offering super fast high speed wi-fi to the public if free. the network covers 1.5 scare mile area of downtown and connects san jose's existing fiber network and dozens of new antennas. the result is wi-fi speed up to four times faster than other public networks. the name incorporates "wickedly fast." it was so fast they had to swear special jackets when they had the ribbon-cutting ceremony. >> next week we will finally get the rain. let me show you what is going on. with live doppler 7 hd, no need for an umbrella, no need for fog lights, either. it is clear identified. here is a look at the golden gate bridge where we had the fog this morning with headlights from marin county. now, the temperatures are at 49 in san francisco, and oakland and san jose and walnut creek all at 48 and palo alto is 43 and mill valley is 42. the san mateo bridge is foggy yesterday and now it just looks hazy, the temperature running in santa rosa and napa at 43 and fairfield at 49 and
yesterday in fremont and san jose. temperatures right now when you step out, 41 in palo alto and petaluma are the cooler spots and santa clara and pleasanton and american canyon the coast at 39 and 52 in fairfield and the financial district is 50. 42 in saratoga and richmond is at 48 and walnut creek is 45. today, most of us in the low-to-mid 40's through 7:00 and the coast is stuck in the 50's while we hit the low-to-mid 50's at noon around the bay and inland and upper 60's to 70 at 6:00, and 7:00 still in the low sits. tomorrow, almost as warm as today and not quite so breezy and our warm of the day is sunday with temperatures well above average away from the coast. sue? >> big trouble both issues sig-alerts. we will go to a shot of san jose southbound 280, we have three right lanes blocked, a fatal accident, you can see c.h.p. is on the scene directing the left lane only getting by, with cones and flares out. the coroner is on the scene. it will be some time before this is cleared. it is a fatal accident, south 280, the alternate as the commute is underway in earnest is taking south 28
holding off a little bit longer than first thought. details coming up. >>> san jose police are investigating their seventh homicide of the year after a fatal stabbing near a park. the victim was a young man in his teens or early 20s. police found his body just before 4:00 this afternoon. so far no arrests and no word on a motive. >>> an emotional day in an oakland courtroom for a woman whose husband came to the bay area for a job area and was murdered. she was returning to his rental car in july of 2010 when two people approached and demanded money. he told them he had only $17 and he was shot to death. video caught the suspects leaving the scene. today his widow came face-to-face with the accused. >> even though i have to face all this againisti wanted to do this last thing for my husband. so i'm trying my best to do this. >> his widow is headed home to virginia tonight. doesn't know if she will return. the defendant, george huggins, is facing the death penalty. his girlfriend and alleged accomplice is expected to testify against him. >>> a san francisco man will be facing
flowers or signed the book of condolence in lieu of following the procession to san jose on thursday. local venues could not uh accommodate. all of the personnel paying tribute to the slain officers. governor jerry brown will attend as will harris and former defense secretary leon panetta. also santa cruz native and "american idol" singer james durbin will perform at the memorial. the city of santa cruz will effectively shutdown for the day on thursday. outside agencies will handle police and fire calls so the personnel can take part in the procession and in the memorial service here in san jose. reporting live, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. the final arrangements are in place for tomorrow's memorial service. >> if you live in santa cruz and don't have a way to get to san jose they are offering bus vouchers for the ride over the hill. if you need one go to abc7news.com and look under see it on tv. >> cal tran and amtrak are offering free train rides to law enforcement personnel. there is a stop across from the pavilion. >> they open at 10:00 in the morning and they
notice here. middle east meridian avenue. san jose really santa clara getting some moderate rain. east fremont avenue. this is actually believe it or not mixed precipitation over mount hamilton falling right now as as we get tighter into the east bay you notice some lighter shower activity around the east bay livermore home street around the planes we are also seeing some light showers redwood stishtion palo alto, woodside highway 280 as you notice jefferson avenue redwood city and of course there is a winter weather advisory for the monterey county hills as snow is expected to continue there until friday 3:00 a.m. so how long will you need the wipers? and when will you be able to put the umbrella away. answer the questions coming right up. >> thanks sandhya. >> san jose police investigate a strange murder case. found dead inside his own apartment. amma is live in san jose tonight at the very housing apartment where he lived and died. >> this is stranger cases. stanley jurisdiction object son found dead inside his apartment police believe he was killed here but they don't know why
and the chase ended in unincorporated east san jose where he put the car in reverse and sped toward an officer who was out his car. they say the officer fired a shot and hit the suspect in the head. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, has witness reports. we will go live with reports in 30 minutes. >> we are learning disturbing new details of a child care center if livermore suddenly shut down by state regulate lates on friday involving the universal preschool known as the sunny side infant and preschool. regulators found a number of violations including an infant sleeping in a high chair, a worker without a proper background chin, -- check, and the improper restraining of children. investigators shows photos of the baby with a blanket tied around their body and another around their ankles. >> they have always been very nice and it has been lie after lie after high when you call to get a refund and suddenly, they say they only worked part time. >> universal's director and employee are named. they are trying to ban them from working at any licensed child care center. >> this could be a massive
will be set aside today. we will see three mayors coming together, the mayors of santa clara, san jose, and san francisco, promoting the idea of having a super bowl right here in this new same. they are promising a dynamic super bowl where you do not have to worry about electricity. they promise you will thought see a power outage like the super bowl in new orleans. the new stadium will have two new electrical substations and solar panels to provide extra energy. the new stadium is about 30 percent complete. it is set to open next year. it will cost about $1.2 billion to build. it is a finalist to host the 2016 super bowl. it is now between santa clara and south florida. this is the first super bowl here in the bay area since 1985 and 49er owner says the bid committee will present the bid at ownerss' meeting in may when the host city is chosen, so, today the mayors, the c.e.o., all will be showing off the stadium. they will give tours to the media. they will lay out the reasons why the super bowl should be held right here in santa clara. >> thank you. palo alto police have released a s
otherwise, in san jose we have a solo spinout in los gatos northbound 17 blocking a lane of traffic. it will be cleared when the tow truck is on the scene. >> there are two more chances for cardinals inside the cistene chapel to vote and select the next pope with the morning sessions ending with no decision katie, could we have a decision today? >> if history is any indication that is a long shot. according to the vatican the shortest conclave of the 20th century was three ballots in 1939. we have passed that marker, two votes this morning and one yesterday bringing us to three ballots. the only way to know is by watching the chimney on the chapel, and this is a live look , with white smoke signal as new pope is chosen but we have only seen this. check out the video from this morning, black smoke around 3: 3:40, so no cardinal receives two-thirds majority or 77 of the 115 votes. the longest conclave lasted five days in the 20th century. if this breaks all modern records there are new rules that allow for a simple majority if on pope hasn't been found after 12 or 13 days. of course,
francisco. 56 in oakland and you a 55 in san jose. -- 55 in san jose. we get peeks of sunshine brag flew the clouds and partly cloudy conditions in the north bay, as well. 50 in santa rosa. 56 in fairfield and 55 in los gatos. here is what you can expect for today. a lot of folks have easter egg hunt plans, clouds in the morning, shower chances mainly tonight. it looks pretty dry through the day and then wet unfortunately for easter sunday. here is a look at pacific satellite image, area of low pressure heading towards the bay area very slowly. it's going bring us some moisture and here is how the timing plays out. the models show clear conditions by this afternoon. that is good news if you are heading to the coliseum. chances less likely in the afternoon of showers and 9:00 this evening is when we could see the possibility of light rain along the coast. then the showers spread overnight tomorrow morning. heavier rain closer to sacramento. liet showers throughout the day and even some heavy rain at times into the afternoon. lunchtime, now we're seeing a bit of a break around parts of the
>> happening right now san jose's voter approved hike in minimum wage takes effect. voters in november approved a raise from the state mandated $8 to $10. some workers say it is about time and others are worried it will be passed on to the consumers. >> they need the minimum wage. $8 is not anything in this economy. they need the extra wage. >> i am on a tight budget already. to go in there and have the milk and gas raised more because we need to pay more for the employees...i will not get ahead. >> city leaders are playing down the effect on prices and business leaders are trying to use the higher minimum wage to encourage people to spend their dollars in san jose rather than neighboring towns. >> animal sanctuary in fresno county is re-opened this morning six days after a lion killed a woman there. cat haven conducted tours yesterday. the first tour began with a moment of silence for the volunteer intern after the 24-year-old was attacked from behind. on wednesday, he snapped her neck and killed her instantly. a statement was read during the tribute to her daughter. >> li
of construction through san jose, northbound 880, stevens creek on-ramp is closed. >> developing news from the east by. richmond police are offering a $25,000 reward this morning for information leading to the shooter who wounded a one-year-old boy in the iron triangle neighborhood. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live identified the richmond police department with the latest. >> this upset the police department. officers are putting everything they have into fining the shooter. the baby was inside his apartment western he was shot. he was with his grandparents and bullets came flying in. the one-year-old boy was shot in the neck. police believe the gunman was out on mcdonald avenue and sprayed the street with bullets. he also hit a man on a bicycle. the boy's father was at work when he got the call and he is outraged as is the police department. >> my son didn't do nothing to nobody, i don't do nothing. i go to work and come home. it is not my fault i live in an area like this. >> i am sickened and appalled. this is completely unacceptable and it is our highest priority to catch thos
are investigating san jose's third police shooting of this month. an officer fired on a suspect yesterday afternoon after police say a woman in a stolen car tried to run an officer down. they say the woman reversed the car and hit the officer as he approached the vehicle. the officer then shot her at least once. a man sitting in the passenger seat was injured but it is not clear if he was shot. both went to the hospital but police say they will recover. the for was not seriously injured. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have the latest in the next half hour. >> four children, one only 13, led police on a chase down highway 101 yesterday. the three teenage boys and a girl all from san jose are now accused stealing a car and running from police. sky 7 was over seen just as the chase ended in redwood city, the 14-year-old boy behind the wheel started running from police by foster city after they spotted the stolen car. >> people hoping to reduce gun violence are planning ever developments across the country today. today is the national day to demand action, a bay area group is planning to rally
, trying to protect herself. it's very unfortunate this happened. reporter: and this was san jose's tenth homicide of the year. live in san jose tonight, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> ama: a san francisco club is closed after a shooting left three people wounded. it happened after 330 rich nightclub in south beach. one man is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. witnesses say dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen after an altercation. >> a big fight broke out, almost like a rumble. out of nowhere there was shot fired inside the club, there wad pandemonium, people scrambling everywhere. >> employing collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the crime scene that stretched from the club, um the aley, -- alley, to a parking lot. >>> a victim was pulled up conscious from a house fire tonight in san francisco. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9:00. this charred mattress is what is left. the victim is hospitalized with nonlife-threatening injuries. >> the racing is back on track in marysville where two people were killed in a f
. and later that day officers in san jose shot a suspect during a chase. several hours after that, police in union city killed another man with a gun. >>> the mystery surrounding a teddy bear with a purple heart medal left at a memorial has been sold. our sister station cap ptured the imagine of a man leaving the purple heart. later a deputy got a later from the man saying in part the bear reflects. love of community, the red ribbon for the bloodshed in the line of community. the purple heart for the sacrifice above and beyond all duty. the police department says it was deeply moved. a man has been arrested for stealing flowers from the memorial. police say ken maffei took the flowers, and he says he purchased the flowers but couldn't produce a receipt. >>> the public memorial service for loren butch baker and elizabeth butler will be held thursday at noon at hp pavilion in downtown san jose. >>> san francisco police are trying to track down an assault rifle stolen from an unmarked police car. on saturday night someone broke into the lost vehicle on m
going above the average today. a look outside. san jose nice and single any. 47 degrees in san jose's 408k race today. i'll have your forecast for san jose and the rest of the bay area next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, the marin county community, the setting for a new abc ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusts of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, you...love. >> which have a little bit of developing news there. are three separate power outages in napa affecting about 3,000 customers. it happened about a half-hour or so ago. pg&e is trying to term the cause. it's not likely to be wind, is it, lisa? >> no. the winds are going to back off a little bit today. we had those at our beaches today. just in the upper 50s there. live doppler 7hd right now showing that all is clear. in fact, of course, you heard that januar
to half an inch. highs are cooler compared to yesterday. upper 60s in san jose, 68 for you there. look for 63 in redwood city. 62 in downtown san francisco. mid-60s in lot of areas in the north bay. 66 in san rafael. look for low 60s through richmond and upper 60s if intreer your valleys. here is accu-weather seven-day forecast. have those rain boots, shower gear ready. you will likely use them but you saw when you can expect breaks. if you want to do something outdoors, lingering into tomorrow with leftover showers and then drying out really beautiful on tuesday and wednesday looking pretty good, as well. another storm system coming in late wednesday night bringing showers on thursday and more unsettled weather returns next weekend. we have another great weather resource for you. follow live doppler on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions, rain or shine. plus get video forecasts and spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> carolyn: you are on that team. i appreciate you telling people when they can expect a little bit of a break there.
there and i started hearing "face on the ground." that was gunfire from another shooting in san jose where a suspect tried ramming three police cars. it was one of four shootings involving bay area police over the 24-hour period including union city where an armed suspect was shot and killed. in daly city a daly city police officer shot and killed a suspect near candlestick park after police say he raised his gun at officers. despite the violence, no police officers were injured over the weekend in the bay area. we are live in hayward for abc7 news. >> thank you, cornell. we have developing news from campbell where investigators are city on the scene of a homicide. we have a live look to show you. last night after 10:00, police responded to a report of a shooting. you are looking at a live picture of the scene. officers who arrived here last night found 18-year-old richard vega suffering from gunshot wounds. he died at santa clara medical center. >> vallejo police want to learn about the shooting deaths of two people inside an apartment. officers went to the apartment before 9:30 yesterday
elected him. in the bay area the celebrations began last night gathering in san jose and most members of san jose's argentine club are happy saying he is intelligent and a man of principle. one man is caucus with the praise. >> i have a wait-and-see attitude because he has a reputation for being ultra conservative so that is not necessarily the remedy of what ails the catholic faith. >> pope francis is known as a champion of the poor. he rode the bus in argentina and cooked his own miles and will be officially installed on tuesday. next tuesday, vice president biden is going to lead a united states delegation for the installation. this afternoon in san francisco there will be a mass of thanksgiving at st. mary's cathedral at 12:10. the archbishop is encouraging other parishes to do the same. >> surfers and fishermen will breakdown a fence that breaks access to a half moon bay that is blocked off to keep the public out. abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard, is there with that story. is it legal to block the path? >> that is the question. the fight is on. surfers on one side, property ow
gate bridge picked up by now. elsewhere we go to san jose, i believe, we have road work on north 101 from tully with a lane of traffic closed until 5:30 this morning. kristen and katie? >> thank you. the controversy around nascar and why some are upset about an upcoming sponsor. >> another big blizzard is headed east with some areas getting a huge snowy blast. >> but, first, forbes has the new ranking of billionaires and the c.e.o. of heinz talks. >> the dow jones industrial average opened this morning at 14,128, just 37 points from the all-time record set back in october of 2007. heinz got a big golden parachute for the c.e.o. who gets more than $200 million if he is fired or pushed out. part of it is a severance package. >> and the richest billionaire is in mexico with a net worth of $73 billion and microsoft's bill gate is next, at $67 billion. >> starbucks has their first new permanent beverage in 12 years, permanent beverage in 12 years, with hazelnut [ woman ] don't forget the yard work! okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right
reflects a statewide trend. san jose ranks fifth among america's safest large cities. >>> a famous berkeley restaurant owner is hoping to be back in business in the next week or so after spendth night making repairs to the iconic he connecticut. the main upstairs diningupathyoeÑ the panisse. >> what better place to go for your birthday. that was the plan. we are lucky we live down the street. so we will come back. >> the fire start the just after 3:00 in the morning. the apparent cause is a faulty electrical box under the front porch. main dining room upstairs is fine thanks to a sprinkler system bum the will be some repair work. it opened in 1971 and is theath reopen next weekend. >> throughout the evening people stopped to look at the damage including one woman who had her wedding kinner here. >> my husband said it burnt down and i said no! it looks like it is going to be all right. >> there was another fire here almost 31 years ago to the day. insurance will cover the repair work here, as well as the salar
spent the last 4 years substitute teaching in san jose allen rock school district. >> whenever this happens whenever we, it is like getting punched in the stomach. >> the superintendent passed a background check and taught at 11 of the 27 district schools and prior to this school he substitute taught for 13 years in new york, florida, california. >> greatest fear would be that this goes beyond just the possession of child pornography where he tried to influence students. >> fore still has been released without bail under supervised conditions but he was not at his san jose apartment today. >> 20 kid around there and he played. not good. >> search of the home found no evidence to show fore still was producing child porn but now police want parents to find out if the children may have been victimized by him. >> i don't know that's a hard one. i with not know how to talk to him about that. but i guess it has to be done. >> with the limited resources the child exploit unit says it make about his 2 to 3 arrest a week. that's about 125 a year. and they say that's just a fraction
in livermore, half moon bay three miles. you notice from san carlos, mountain view and san jose, not bad, but we have the cloudy skies there. we are looking at low pressure to the east of us. high pressure off the coast. this setup brings the breezy conditions and still the jet stream, a little bit of rain well to the north. eventually that will be pushing to the south and we will get a look at the wet weather system heading our way into tuesday. but dry conditions for the weekend. so if you like it sunny and you have some plans, outdoor plans for the weekend, it should be a good couple of days. we will start our computer animation tonight. you will notice that the clouds to the north and the rain up in oregon stays to the north. once again we will break out into sunshine and breezy conditions right on through the afternoon on sunday. so expect high temperatures today around the bay ranging in the upper 50s half moon bay. 70 for our friends in san jose. vallejo, 68 in san francisco. of course, st. patrick's day celebrating today downtown with all the green. as you head on through your mo
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for high school student hit and killed by a passing train in san jose. he was killed on tuesday, near a pedestrian crossing. he posted this video on youtube of him playing the guitar. the principal says he was everyone's friend. the 16-year-old was near but not on a pedestrian crossing according to san francisco. it has been ruled "accident." >> michelle shock is responding to the comment fromant gay comments during a performance in san francisco saying "i do not nor have i ever said or believed that god hates homosexuals and to those fans who are disappointed by what they heard or thing i said, i'm very sorry." half of the ought conference walked out after an antigay slur during her opinionance on sunday might. she said it was a description about how some people fowl. many of her shows across the country have new been cancelled. >> man madness is in full swing with both bay area participants in action. this morning, at 11:45, st. st. mary's plays in auburn michigan after middle tennessee state was bite in ohio on tuesday night. 12th seeded cal, my pairs, get the tournament start at h
thursday has been moved to san jose to accommodate the thousands of mourners who are expected to attend. this morning, police are hoping this woman may have some answers about the killer. sergio quintana has the latest. >> steady stream of people continued their pilgrimage to the san jose police department. >> it shows a lot of community support. a lot of people were affected by this. >> the show of support has been overwhelming. a planned public memorial service next thursday was to be held at kaiser per in an day arena but both venues were deemed too small so they will be held at hp pavilion in san jose. there was mixed reaction from residents. >> the fact that it has to it was so big it had to be moved, it's awesome. it shows the support the community gives to each other. >> santa cruz officers are back on patrol. their day shift counterparts took over from the sheriff's department and california highway patrol. some officers welcomed the return to service. citizens have been so supportive. it's nice to get back and start serving them again. it's been a rough couple days. >> they are
serving the country. yesterday the city of san jose unveiled a memorial to the 142 native sons who lost their lives in that conflict. the anniversary marks withdrawal of u.s. troops from southeast asia. the monument dedicated to the sons of san jose was built by volunteers. it's located east of hp pavilion. >>> a celebrity auction. a private collector putting up letters and manuscripts including an unhappy marilyn monroe saying she thinks she's going crazy and can't concentrate. a angry letter written by john lennon to linda and paul mccartney reflecting the bad feelings around them when the beatles split up, expected to fetch between 40 and $60,000. >>> coming up next, assignment 7 looks at the fate of the california condor. it survived a major pesticide scare but can it survive the gun lobby. >>> plus, people from all over california made the pilgrimage to san francisco's highest peek easter morning. the sunrise service atop mount davidson and we'll introduce to you people who made it their >>> welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a quick look at our ever changin
the book of condolence in lieu of following the procession to san jose on thursday. local venues could not uh accommodate. all of the personnel paying tribute to the slain officers. governor jerry brown will attend as will harris and former defense secretary leon panetta. also santa cruz native and "american idol" singer james durbin will perform at the memorial. the city of santa cruz will effectively shutdown for the day on thursday. outside agencies will handle police and fire calls so the personnel can take part in the procession and in the memorial service here in san jose. reporting live, leslie brinkly, abc7 news. >> thank you, leslie. the final arrangements are in place for tomorrow's memorial service. >> if you live in santa cruz and don't have a way to get to san jose they are offering bus vouchers for the ride over the hill. if you need one go to abc7news.com and look under see it on tv. >> cal tran and amtrak are offering free train rides to law enforcement personnel. there is a stop across from the pavilion. >> they open at 10:00 in the morning and they will be showing the
this time yesterday from one degree, not much warmer in san jose, but five degrees warmer in mountain view, and three in concord and seven at half moon bay and three in napa. what are we doing right now? >> hanging out in the 40's to 50 and american canyon and petaluma and palo alto at 41 degrees. financial district right now is 50 followed by richmond at 49 and san leandro and union city at 48 and along with pittsburg and saratoga and santa clara at 45 degrees. as we head through the morning, we will hang out in the low-to-upper 40's from our inland neighborhoods through the coast and to the bay. by noon, the clouds throughout now, the fog is gone and sunshine and a few high clouds from time to time like yesterday but the new temperatures, the outdoor patios the be packed in the favorite restaurants as you head to 4:00, upper 60's around the bay and mid-70's inland and we will settle in the throw upper 60's around the bay and inland during the evening hours and cooler at the coast admit 60's. the warmth will reach the height tomorrow, but tapering on thursday and friday but still above av
all the way down to san jose. also towards towards saratoga. steady rain for san francisco. an hour ago, that ended temporarily. we could use this rain fall in march. look what happens next month. we start turning down that speck specket from mother nature. not only tonight, but for the next couple of nights. that will be with us until midday tomorrow. giving us a chance of rain. the past four or five rain chances has been the front. rain chances gone, not the case this time, because behind that is an upper level area of low pressure. this will move over top of us. this is going to be here on thursday. i think for most of us, thursday will be wetter than what we have outside right now with a chance of thunderstorms and dropping snow levels. here's the future cast through 5:00 tomorrow. a quarter of an inch of rain fall. now look at the numbers once we add in thursday, concord, an inch of rain fall. redwood city, nearly an inch of rain fall. breezy tomorrow, as that front moves through. steady rain is done by 10:00, but the rain is back on thursday. mid 50s tomorrow, that's it. san j
. >> dan: an emotional night nor hundreds of people in san jose. they came together to honor the memory of a young man gone far as to. he was killed crossing the train tracks. everybody said he was talented as he was nice. >> that is very true. it happened around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. the young man was walking home from lincoln high school. he was crossing these caltrain tracks when a passenger train came out of the bend and hit him. >> we need to console each other in these times. >> tonight many were ungone solaable. the 16-year-old was walking along the trans tuesday when he was hit by a passenger train. >> the train hit him and he wasn't paying attention. let it to to be a lesson. come on. the train tracks are not cute. >> he was wearing headphones as the train approached. he was just a few yards from his home. >> the lincoln high school junior was loved, hundreds filled the park with memories, tears and wishes. >> today.... >> he loved music. he made this video for a web channel called silicon dchtd bug recently. >> music has been a big part of my life since i was a kid. >> he
and himself. he fired at the direction of the driver. there was gunfire from another shooting in san jose where a suspect tried to ram three police cars. one of four shootings involving bay area police in 24 hours including union city and daly city. a daly city police officer shot and killed a suspect who raised his gun at officers. no officers were hurt over the weekend. >> the latest series of officer-involved shootings is days after the faith -- fatal shooting of two officers in santa cruz. detective loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler was shot to death by jeremy goulet who was killed shortly after in a shoot out with police. a memorial for the two police officers is held thursday at noon at the h.p. pavilion in san jose to accommodate the large crowd that is expected. a motorcade procession will precede the memorial with sheriff and firefighters and emergency responders. >> the san francisco police department is on alert after a high-powered rifle was stolen from a police car. a high ranking member says the ar15 was taken yesterday from an unmarked car like this one. we
bridge right now. low clouds over san francisco. it's 52 degrees currently. oakland 55. san jose 55, as well. santa cruz at 53 degrees. another live shot for you, san mateo bridge visibility, not a problem at all. temperatures in the 50s for most everyone with 54 in napa. here is what you can expect for today. we've got the clouds and fog again this morning. not quite as thing as yesterday morning's fog. chance of showers mainly coming tonight. that is changing. we're pushing the showers back into overnight hours, as well. wet unfortunately for easter sunday. here is an area of low pressure. this is slowly moving towards the bay area. that is what is going to bring in the rain tomorrow mainly. that is when we'll see the heaviest rain. the timing of it pretty good for today. if you have plans outdoors. check it out. by lunchtime, just cloud cover but areas in green looking fairly dry for a lot of outdoor activity. even by 5:00 tonight it's dry. then we have the chance of light rain showers moving in late tonight and overnight we'll see more of the heavier rain, areas of yellow hittin
but not everyone is on board. lilian kim is live in san jose with those details. . >> we are in front of pizza my heart, and the employees have been enjoying the pay increase for a few months now. >> the $2 minimum wage increase does not kick in until monday. the workers at pizza my heart got their pay bumps in december. >> one i wanted to test it and two i wanted to see how it works and make sure everything was fine. >> chuck hammers is the owner of the pizza chain. he says so far so good. >> we raised prices a little bit. roughly 3% overall. that was kind of the test to make sure that will cover it, and it has. it has been neutral to us overall. >> for employees going from $8 to $10 has made a big difference. justin is a student at san jose state. >> represent is easier -- rent is easier to make and gas prices are going up which is convenient and helpful. >> the south bay labor council is trying to use the minimum wage as a way to encourage shoppers and diner as a way to spend their dollars in san jose. point is hard to ignore, even if it means having to pay more. >> go out to eat because i enj
there to remind you of in san jose, and it is northbound 880 at 280 until 6:00 a.m. and the two right lanes are blocked there. kristen and eric? >> it is 555:10. >> michael jackson's doctor heads back to cork and what he wants from a lo >> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back on this monday morning at 5:13. it is spring break for san francisco schools. muni will not be offering free bus rides to school. they began offering free bus rides to low-and-middle income students march 1. the 16-month pilot program is funded by $1.6 million in regional grant money. extra buses are add along the busy school routes to accommodate the kids except during spring break. late night bart rides face delays because of work going on inside the tube. crews will continue work on tuesday to make the tube safer in an earthquake. can you expect delays every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday for the next 14 months. one direction of the tube will close during work hours and so trains have to single track phone san francisco and the east bay. >> put down your phone while
, the official memorial is in san jose. for many who can't attend tomorrow, they paid their final respects tonight. more than 400 community members had a rare intimate chance to say their goodbye to the first santa cruz police officers ever killed in the line of duty. >> in my heart i knew i had to be here. how i felt. and that they are my heros. >> reporter: in a small room sat two flag draped caskets, carrying remains of elizabeth butler, and lauren baker. inside, person after person was left trying to figure out why. >> just walk out with such an overwhelming feeling of what a terrible waste of two great human buildings lives. >> the family members and fellow officers had a private viewing earlier this week. tonight, a chance for friends, and strangers to start the healing process. >> tremendous. it's helping people heal a little bit. get a little bit of closure. it's going to take a while, of course. >> reporter: it will take a while for james to heal. >> i heard the sirens on the day it happened. hearing the news was really tough, and this just kind of made it more real. >> it has the
'll allow for more sunshine with 51 in san jose. 48 in half moon bay. plenty of events going on around the bay today with the brides marching today. breezy conditions and fog lasts until about 10:00 or 11:00 and few patches of san mateo coast and stay dry with the rain arriving late on the day on tuesday. here is a look at the visibility. it's clear up in santa rosa. half mile visibility down the road in novato. mile and a half in napa and hundred yards in livermore. two and a half at the san carlos airport and fog around the coast and in san jose. throughout the rest of the morning hours, you'll notice it continues to shrink and evaporate. we'll get into the sunny conditions and numbers climbing into the 50s in the early part of the day. by the afternoon we should be once again from 10 degrees above normal today. here is a look at satellite. you'll notice the high pressure as it sits off the coast keeping the storm track to the north. eventually that is going to sag to the south but not for the weekend. we remain dry. this next system, not a big one but we'll take what we can get. 68
this morning outside the east san jose home. lillian is live on am door court where it all started. >> carolyn mother daughter came home couple of hours ago and while it has been a long and emotional day for them, mom was able to share a few words. she emerge from the home wanting to thank the community. daughter gabriel was subject of amber alert. after wide spread media coverage and intense search the baby was found safe and sound. >> my baby is okay thank god. i was happy find her and have her with me and i want to say everybody thank you thank you thank you. >>reporter: nightmare began at 6:45 am. that's when she saw somebody driving away in her suv with the baby inside. san jose police say the mom had left the vehicle with the keys in the ignition for only a short time as she ran back into the thousands retrieve some items. investigators don't know who was behind the wheel but they say it may have been the same person who seen standing around in the cul-de-sac shortly before the vehicle was stolen. >> we don't know if she got into the car walked off what happened to her but last pe
. there will three shoot on march 2nd in san francisco, san jose, and union city, and on march 3rd. >> there's another con concert cancelled. and now a tour from the east coast is in jeopardy. sergio quintana is live. sergio, a scheduled concert tonight and another tomorrow afternoon are now off. reporter: a twoat total of 2004 concerts have been canceled. two earlier this week, tonight was as no-good, and the sign has been put up for tomorrow's 2:00 p.m. show. it has been cancelled. ♪. reporter: tickedholders for tonight's concert were met by a trio of wood winds playing outside the box office. the show was cancelled. >> we can'ted to explain to them the situation and have a little music going for them to listen to and enjoy so at least they get something to hear. reporter: as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has several grammy awards so they deserve a bump in pay. >> the los angeles philharmonic, the chicago symphony orchestras, so we need to be able to offer competitive salaries
of the cloud cover. oakland, 57. san jose, 58. we also have another shot looking at the bay bridge and you see the clouds in the distance as well in san francisco. it's currently 57 in fairfield, 58 in los gatos. here is what you can expect today and rain and showers throughout the day. heaviest during the midday afternoon. thunderstorms are possible. it looks like an unsettled well week for the beginning of april. here is what is happening with the pacific satellite. we have an area of low pressure. the storm is heading right towards san francisco. that is moving inland today. as we look at the forecast model. we are going to look for breaks in the rain during parts of the morning, even lunchtime hours. 5:00 we have heavy rain out toward sacramento and light showers right now. we could see a little bit of a break, cloud cover around 8:00 this morning, 9:00 you see the rain moving in. 11:00, more of the rain will be on the peninsula and vallejo, east bay and parts of information is may get a break. you see the rain moving in. heavier darker green is the heavier rain and 1:00, pretty wet all th
windy all day. take a look at these peak wind gusts. half-moon bay, san jose state university and novato all with wind gusts of 40 miles per hour. there's a cold front moving through tonight which will keep the rain chance around but we're not done yet. big area of low pressure sliding by this week keeping the rain chance elevated. details how long that rain is going to stick around coming up in about ten minutes. >> all right. see you then. >>> take a live look at the bay bridge tonight. this side of the island, it's all about that. the bay lights. our installation is up and running on the western span from treasure island into the city of san francisco. we have team coverage tonight starting with kristen airs who shows us how all this works. kristen. >> that's right. ken, they pushed a button just about two hours ago and just take a look at it. this is the flashiest that the san francisco bay bridge has ever looked at 1.8 miles wide and 500 feet high, this is the largest led light structure in the world and tonight we watched it come alive. >> tonight bay bridge sparkled. >> it's gorge
and then the parolee called 911 and threatened to kill arriving deputies. >> in san jose police continue to look for a killer. the man stabbed a woman to death yesterday afternoon just a few blocks from the santa clara county sheriff's office. john alston has more from north first street. >> brutal stabbing happened in broad daylight in a parking lot next to the togo sandwich shop. matt was eating lunch when he heard a commotion and rushed out to help the woman that was slashed on her neck and arms. >> i held her head up and kept pressure on it. i said who did this? can you give me any name. >> he, too, was covered in blood when paramedics arrived. >> i feel like it was horrible for her to have to die that way. i hope that my being there maybe it wasn't as bad to die. >> he walked to north second street and had to convince police he was not the killer. police say the real culprit hop add fence and ran through the neighborhood where they found blood in front of some homes. >> detective came by and circled where the blood spots are. we have been told to stay in our house and keep doors and windows
for the investigation. all lanes reopened just after two. >>> the hunt for a san jose murder suspect is now state-wide. police are looking for 25-year-old juan ramirez, who is wanted in friday's fatal stabbing of his ex-girlfriend abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> reporter: they arrived with candles, classes and condolences. they are mourning the loss of their friend and family member, sandra gonzales. the young mother was stabbed to death a few feet from her home on north first street. now the manhunt is on for juan ramirez, the ex-boyfriend. he is 29 years old. >> the suspect and the victim had a dating relationship that ended about two years ago. apparently he's been trying to stalk our victim for the last couple of years, multiple encounters with the police, reporting this type of activity. >> they said she lived here with her ten-year-old son. she was outside a few feet away in the parking lot when ramirez stabbed her, stabbing her in the head and arms. >> held her head up, kept pressure on it and i said who did this? can you give me a name, any name? she couldn't reall
francisco. so pretty mild downtown with 50 san carlos. san jose upper 40s for half moon bay, santa cruz at 50. so by the afternoon we are featuring mostly sunny conditions. it will be breezy along the coast. looks like a nice weekend today and tomorrow with rain arriving tuesday night with the clouds. it will be much cooler and we will look for perhaps a half-inch out of this system. so here's a look right now. the setup remains the same. we are in between the higher clouds pushing off to the east. with high pressure off the coast, we will be looking at that breeze once again setting up. but away from the shoreline looking at some very mild temperatures. fast forwarding to tomorrow and you will notice due we have a weak system to the north of us. this will allow for the stiff breeze at the coast. inland it will be bright and sunny and around the bay. so we will look for almost a repeat performance. temperatures just a couple degrees cooler tomorrow for saint patrick's day officially. high temperatures today upper 60s oakland, 66 san francisco. out around dublin look for the low 70s. fes
in san jose say "show me the money." tomorrow, the city's minimum wage will go up two dollars. to 10-dollars an hour. that goes for both part-time and full-time employees. it also includes those working on tips. kron four's philippe djegal works out the numbers for the average worker. >> so, this is how it works. and, we'll use part-time workers as an example. someone now making eight dollars an hour, six hours a day, thirty hours a week, is making about 12,470- dollars in a year. but with minimum wage now going up to 10-dollars an hour, that all changes. that person now making 10- dollars an hour, multiplied by six hours in a day, equals 60-dollars a day. multiply that by five days a week, comes out to 300- dollars. multiply that by four- point-three-three weeks in a month, comes out to about 1,299-dollars. multiply that in a year, and that comes out to 15,588-dollars. that's an increase of about three thousand dollars a year. city councilmen sam liccardo says that's good for employees. but in the long run, could have a negative impact on small businesses. a three-thousand dollar ra
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